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Sausage seasonings

Sausage seasonings

Fresh sausages are simply seasoned ground meats that are cooked before serving. Fresh sausages normally do not use cure although cure can be used if desired. In addition fresh sausages typically do not use smoke flavours, although liquid smoke can be used. Fresh sausages are never smoked in a cold smoker because of the danger of botulism.

The primary seasoning agents in fresh sausages are salt and sugar along with various savory herbs and spices, and often vegetables, including onion and garlic.

A British Fresh sausage typically contains around 10% butcher's rusk, 10% water, 2.5% seasoning, and 77.5% meat. At point of sale British sausages will often be labelled as "actual meat content. " As meat can be fatty or lean, the % is calculated using reference tables with the intention to give a fairer representation of the "visual lean" meat content.

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