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Fast facts on cattle

Fast facts on cattle

Each year some 2 million beef animals are produced. Beef is a relatively expensive meat and in recent years consumption has declined in favour of white meats. Beef is most popular as a fresh meat product

Below are examples of foods that are derived from "Beef":

Steak Burgers - the ubiquitous beef burger is now a worldwide favourite.

Mince steak, mince beef - minced beef is the primary constituent of burgers and pies.

Centre cut fillet steak - the choice cut, the most expensive too.

Sirloin steak, code de bough, port a house - a popular cut that is widely available in pubs and restaurants.

Steak & Kidney, steak and ale, steak and mushroom, steak and stilton - steak and kidney, steak and ale, mushroom, and Stilton, when served with fresh veg makes for a balanced meal.

Braising steak, LMC, chuck roll, goose skirt, hanger steak, ox cheeks, shin - a cheaper steak cut, very versatile, stir-fries, curries, casseroles, pie fillings.

Roasting joints, topside, silverside, sirloin roast, fore-rib roast, wing ribs - prime roasting joint are expensive but still very popular.

Beef Soup and stocks - beef is widely included in soups, stews and stocks, as well as in pet food.