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Lee Spencer - Freelance British Butcher - My Services

Lee Spencer - Freelance Butcher

Freelance Butcher Services:

My Freelance company is currently working and based in Poland. I do have easy access to two major airports, Wroclaw and Poznań airports, so traveling is no problem at all. I am now looking to develop my services to overseas, and build a client database.

British Butcher Freelance proposal:

My butcher services are available for covering holidays, sickness absences, or if you generally need extra help, over particular busy periods, or you need short or long term cover for your business. I can help to provide and create new products to your existing choice to your customers along the journey. My services can also offer manufacturing sausages, burgers, to curing and pickling, plus manufacturing value added products from fresh Meat pastry products to pork pies, meat pies, pasties and so on. If you are thinking to provide a Master Class service, My company can help to set up and provide the beef, pork, lamb plus game when in season, Master Classes up and running. A real foodie customers treat and to get them to sharpen up there skills. The British Butcher Freelance company will give your business 100% professionalism, commitment, dedication, love and passion.

Deliverables include:

  • I do have full butchery skills - beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, and game, by using traditional butchering techniques, and care. So I would be able to cut, to your companies requirements. There are many Meat companies have there own individual specific style to fit there business, to achieve the maximum yields and profits.
  • Creating practical new products does excite me, not only the new product keeps your business fresh and alive it also maximises another channel of utilising every bit of your stock. Especially when you have a slow moving product, that is the best one to start creating with. And what I mean by practical, Is producing the product flowing in your working day by minimising any extra costs to produce it. I will put my full dedicated commitment to help your business with your new creative products.
  • Value added products has become quite essential to the butchery business. Having the fresh meat department and then having your delicatessen department is now a common procedure. Having the two departments within your business is one of the biggest bonuses to maximising your profits. If your business has the two departments I can give you advisory if needed.
  • I specialise in the retail sector of the business, and for many years working hard perfecting the art of customer service, giving prompt, reliable, and professional courtesy, plus pushing my ability to creating fresh meat and delicatessen displays. Therefore, within the customer service, I also endeavour that the consumer understands what they have bought and to receive cooking guidelines, and in the meantime of going through the service, is to get the most potential of a up sell.
  • I have the full understanding that not every butchery businesses has the same kind of trading. It just depends of the areas of a town, city, or village and so I've learned over the years to adapt and to get the best out of what kind of level your butchery businesses has to offer. I will be committed to help your business and improve your sales as if it was my own business.
  • Within my working ethics, I’m a big believer in staff training when in need. Weather it’s in customer service, cutting techniques, displaying purposes, it is essential that any team in this business has the full understanding of what kind of direction you are trying to accomplish. I have one motto ( every day is a school day ) That's why I love my trade, l just keep on learning.

Here are my skills and expertise.


  • Master Butcher Retailer
  • Full Butchery Skills - beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, game
  • Manufacturing - burgers, sausages, bacon, gammons
  • Manufacturing - meat pies, pork pies, pasties, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, black pudding
  • Manufacturing - salted meats, briskets, silversides, tongues
  • Sales Management
  • Costings, sales, sales forecast profit & loss
  • Sign Writing - black boards, tickets, posters
  • Customer Service Management
  • Training
  • Team Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Master Classes
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Online Research

Why Choose Me (My Freelance Butcher Services)?

So if you are looking for any improvements to be made in your business, if you need help in staff training or generally need a revamp on your services with new ideas and to pump in some fresh air into your company, I can provide a much needed outside perspective. I live and breath the meat industry and I thrive on innovation, knew techniques, creating new products, improving customer service, producing manufacturing products. Over the years i have committed myself to the meat trade, making sure everything is done properly, the way it’s been done for generations. Animal welfare is the greatest importance for me personally. This is what I do, and I only deliver any results I'd be happy with, for my own business.

Here is my diary of dates that I am available 2019:

January 1st - 31st (5 weeks fully booked)
February 1st - 28th (4 weeks fully booked)
March 1st - 29th (4 weeks fully booked)
April 1st - 30th (4 weeks fully booked)
May 1st - 31st (4 weeks fully booked)
June 1st - 28th (4 weeks fully booked)
July 1st - 24th (3 weeks - available)
August 1st - 30th (2 weeks available)
September 1st - 30th (4 weeks fully booked)
October 1st - 30th (3 weeks - available)
November 1st - 30th (2 weeks available)
December 1st - 24th (3 weeks fully booked)
For further information for quotations or any questions you may have for my services, please feel free to contact me:
Mobile: +48 669 820 924
Please could you ensure to include your name and contact details, so I can reply efficiently and as quickly as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your time and interest.
Yours sincerely:

 Lee Spencer

Freelance British Butcher

Master Butcher