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Gammon Explanation
Gammon is hind leg of pork, cut from a side of bacon after curing (either dry-salting or curing in brine). It may or may not be smoked. Like bacon, it needs to be cooked before it can be eaten.It may be sold on-the-bone or boned and rolled.

It may be served as a roasted joint, or as steaks or rashers. It differs from ham in that ham is cured after being cut from the carcass, and the curing process for ham may be different.

Gammon hock or (or knuckle) is the foot end of the joint, and contains more connective tissue and sinew.

Joints of cooked gammon are often served at Christmas.

The words gammon, ham and bacon are sometimes used interchangeably. And in the USA in particular, the word 'ham' may refer to raw, uncured hind leg of pork.

The word 'gammon' is related to the French word jambon, meaning ham, which in turn is derived from the Latin gamba, meaning leg.