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Fast facts on pigs

Fast facts on pigs

Bacon rashers, bacon chops, lardons, gammon steaks, gammon joints -  ever popular and traditional in the UK.

Traditional pork sausages, chilli, garlic, apple, cider, apricot -  in the past sausages were made with local seasonal ingredients, some of the old recipes are being reintroduced.

Loin chops, loin steaks, tenderloins, diced - loin chops showing lean meat and little fat.

Traditional Scotch eggs, chilli, apple and black pudding - another traditional food that combined meat and cereals to provide a good meal in times past.

Traditional pork pie, apple, pickle, chutney -  the traditional pork pie, the nations favourite.

Traditional hams, honey roast -  hams are cooked to many different types of recipe and come in all kinds of flavour.

Black pudding - a traditional meal made from pigs blood and cereal filling.