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Fast facts on sheep

Fast facts on sheep

There are around 20 million breeding sheep in the UK and a further 20 million lambs under a year old. Nearly all of the sheep meat that is consumed is lamb which is both succulent and tasty and has been prized for generations.

Below are examples of foods that are derived from "Lamb":

Haggis - this Scottish dish makes extensive use of sheep meat and is centuries old.

Leg of lamb, rack of lamb, crown of lamb, noisettes - the prime cut of lamb is the leg. New season lamb is available from Easter.

Lamb shoulder, breast of lamb, neck (scragg) -  tender meat, slow roasted for a sumptuous meal.

Lambs liver, kidneys -  less popular now but rich in vitamins.

Lamb chops, Barnsley's, single loin chops, leg steaks, tenderloins - best grilled to provide a quick and tender meat meal.

Lamb neck hot pot chops, shoulder chops, lamb rib lets -  traditional recipe with modern convenience. Hot pots can provide a balanced meal in one.

Rogan josh, boneless diced leg, boneless or bone in diced shoulder - lamb is a popular meat in curries and the most widely used red meat.

Lamb soup and stocks -  soups are a good way of utilising smaller cuts from the lamb.

Shepherd's pie, pie fillings - minty, garlic and rosemary, burgers, kebabs, grill sticks - traditional and favourite.