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LOW RISK/FOODS/hazards/control

LOW RISK/FOODS/hazards/control.

Here is a short list of low risk foods, which I put in the hazards, and the control of the procedures.:

- Foods preserved by a process of heating and packed in hermetically sealed containers while still in the container, such as canned foods, long- life ready-meals.
- Dried vegetables. Packet soups.
- Pickled foods.
- Preserves and jams.
- Dry pasta.
- Dry pudding mixes or dry mixes for the preparation of beverages.
- Chocolate and sugar confectionery.
- Bread and biscuits.
- Cakes or pastries (not containing cream or custard).
- Ice cream.
- Frozen foods.


- Microbiological Contamination
Most of these products will not be susceptible to food poisoning organisms while in their normal state. Spoilage organisms such as yeasts and moulds may grow if shelf life is not observed.

 - Physical Contamination
Any open or unwrapped foods could be contaminated by packaging materials or other foreign objects during handling & display.

 - Any damage to the packaging of these products may result in an increased risk of microbiological or physical contamination. Dented tins, squashed /split packets for example could allow metal contamination or taints to occur, or spillage from one pack onto others could occur. Incorrect storage, cold or damp environments may also physically alter product quality.


- Stock Rotation
- Display of Open Foods Personal Hygiene
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training
- Pest Control
 -Temperature Control
- Display of Open Foods Cleaning
Handling Procedures
- Equipment & Facilities Stock Rotation
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training
- Handling Procedures
- Equipment & Facilities
- Display of Open Foods
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training