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MEDIUM RISK/food/hazards/control

MEDIUM RISK/food/hazards/control.

Here is a short list of low risk foods, which I put in the hazards, and the control of the procedures.:

- Hard cheeses
- Cream or curd cheese
- Cottage cheese
- Non-dairy cream cakes
- Unripened soft cheeses
- Whole smoked or cured meat
- Fruit pies
- Raw meats and raw fish
- Sausages, bacon
- Fresh milk
- Vegetables
- Fruit


- Microbiological Contamination
May result in spoilage or harmful bacteria and moulds growing in or on these products. Growth may not be rapid but safety and quality considerations will reduce shelf life. Bacteria may grow after heating or thawing.

- Physical Contamination
May occur from dirt, debris, loose packaging. Any open foods must be protected from foreign objects falling into or onto the product.

- Physical damage to the product or packaging may render it substandard to the customer. Whether by mechanical injury or incorrect storage for example, damp environments. The appearance and quality of certain products may be severely affected by bruising for example, fruit & vegetables.


- Personal Hygiene Temperature Control
- Product Handling
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training
- Stock Rotation Cleaning
- Pest Control Equipment & Facilities Display of Open Foods Structural
- Display of Open Foods Product Handling
- Personal Hygiene
- Pest Control Equipment & Facilities
- Cleaning
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training
- Waste Disposal Emergency Procedures
- Product Handling
- Pest Control
- Supervision and Instruction and/or Training
- Equipment & Facilities
- Stock Rotation
- Display of Open Foods